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Home Page Rowena Carr-Allinson

Rowena Carr-Allinson is a journalist and writer with 10 years' experience.
Starting her career with the Financial Times in London, she went on to work with LivingTV and Sony Pictures before going freelance full-time. She regularly contributes to a rainbow of lifestyle titles on topics ranging from Travel to Interiors.
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fashion & beauty
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weddings & honeymoons
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travel & reviews Rowena Carr-Allinson

Rowena has written travel articles for OK! for the last few years. I have always been impressed by her attention to detail. Her copy is well written and she always makes the deadline set Annabel Mackie, Travel Editor, OK! Magazine Bangkok, Beirut or Buenos Aires... Rowena specialises in travel writing, from first-person stories to in-depth destination guides and themed round-ups Shopping in Istanbul, Los Cabos Mexico, Las Vegas, AnyWay, Shooting in Texas, Hotel Reviews Published in elle (uk), anyway (intl), harpers bazaar (uk & middle east), now (uk), ok! magazine (uk, malaysia, singapore, au), the toronto star (canada), metro (uk), the resident (uk), reach (uk), real travel (uk), limited edition (uk), abta (uk), bmi voyager (uk), holidays for couples (au), florida (uk), france today (usa), france (uk), good holiday guide (uk), cruise (usa), clientele (bahrain), viva (dubai), runway (uk), nuvo (canada) ...

fashion & beauty Rowena Carr-Allinson

The right stuff bang on time Helen Crawshaw, Men's Health Magazine Reviewing spas led to writing in-depth beauty features for the likes of "Longevity" and "Brand New You". As for Fashion and Shopping pieces, they're part of a personal passion which is hard to keep under control! The stay young lifestyle, Thailand's best spas, Spotting fashion trends Published in high spirit (uk), brand new you (uk), essential guide to beauty (uk), top sante (uk), men's health (uk), pulse (usa), longevity (south africa)

home & interiors Rowena Carr-Allinson

After renovating her house in France, Rowena put her experience to good use producing features for the homes market covering topics as varied as Heating, Flooring, Readers' Homes or Romantic Bedrooms... Published in period house (uk), homestyle (uk), essential kitchens, beds & baths (uk), your home (uk), H.O.M.E (austria)

weddings & honeymoons Rowena Carr-Allinson

Rowena has a great, easy-to-read style, her research skills and contact list are second to none. A distinct bonus: she's a really nice person too. Rachel Southwood, Editorial Director, Wedding Ideas After a stint as travel & honeymoons editor at "Beautiful Weddings", Rowena went on to work on broader bridal features such as dream dress guides and real life wedding interviews. Celebrity honeymoons, A bride's treats, Fabulous finales Published in beautiful weddings (uk), for the bride (uk), wedding ideas (uk), london weddings (uk), best scottish weddings (uk), scottish wedding directory (uk), chicago style weddings (usa), honeymoonsreview (usa)

food & drink Rowena Carr-Allinson

Rowena's food and drink pieces show a real understanding of different regions and their cuisines, wines and traditions. Pat Riddell, Editor, ABTA Magazine With a passion for travelling came a love for the world of food. From interviewing chefs in Istanbul to reviewing restaurants in Russia or Rome, Rowena loves local cuisine both home and away. When in Rome, Met Mehmet Gurs, Lerins Winemaking monks Published in anyway (intl), abta (uk), france (uk), libas (india)

profiles & interviews Rowena Carr-Allinson

Delving into the psyche of TV adventurer Bear Grylls, Rowena supplied fresh, lively, engaging copy. And always on deadline! Danielle Green, Editor, Medlife Magazine, GB Airways inflight Rowena has pursued an exciting sideline, interviewing fascinating characters from Michelin-starred chefs to designers and intrepid explorers like Benedict Allen and Bear Grylls. Kelly Hoppen, Hollywood's Louisa Graves, Bear Grylls Published in westside (uk), sw (uk), rise (uk), living south (uk), libas (india), anyway (intl), medlife (uk)

copywriting, quizz & comps Rowena Carr-Allinson

Rowena grasped the concept immediately and helped us create a very successful online viral creative Fiona Miller, EU RTC Marketing Manager, Yahoo! inc Rowena's vast experience of copywriting means she's able to take on any brief - including Quiz and Question writing.She also delivers competition content for clients, making use of her huge contacts book. UKTV Online Content, Yahoo! viral quizz, Sony Pictures Online content Clients include yahoo!, gamesmedia, uktv, livingtv, challengetv, ikea family (uk), eureka for kia (uk), mark warner (uk), renault (uk)

public relations Rowena Carr-Allinson

We were delighted with her features, beautifully complimented by Mowgli's stunning images. Rowena is a joy to work with. Marisa Marsden, Hills Balfour Synergy for Hawaii Tourism Hawaii Tourism Board, Virgin Atlantic, Testimonials Rowena understands the need for PRs to get the most out of writers for their clients. As it happens, being a hungry freelancer is a perfect fit. For every trip, it's key for her to get as many pieces published as possible: great value for everyone involved

photography Rowena Carr-Allinson

Rowena's pieces are always beautifully illustrated thanks to Mowgli Frere's photography
His pictures have been published in "Elle", "Harpers Bazaar" and the "Financial Times" amongst others.