About Me

With a mixed European background, I quickly came to feel home was wherever I lay my hat.

Starting out her career at the Financial Times, I moved on to sports reporting and producing interactive content for TV shows and Hollywood movies in London before settling into writing full time in 2005.

My travel stories and reviews have appeared everywhere from the UK to South Africa via Australia – in everything from the Toronto Star to London’s Metro, CityAM, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, OK! Magazine and the ‘1001 Escapes’ book. I even blogged my honeymoon for CNTraveller.com!

I’ve shopped in Istanbul, biked down a volcano in Hawaii, gone unplugged in Nicaragua, driven across the Southern USA, eaten out in Dubai’s finest restaurants, and still haven’t had enough.

My son is very well travelled, having seen Bangkok, NY, LA, Dubrovnik, Rome and Singapore before turning 6. My tiny daughter is keen to catch up.

I am currently living in Paris and always plotting the next adventures…


If I can’t get somewhere fast enough, I have a network of wonderfully talented colleagues who can help thanks to the International Copy Agency. We provide the highest quality copy, from the experts on the ground. For more about ICA, see www.internationalcopyagency.com.