“I have been working with Rowena for several months, and to say that she is one of the best writers I have worked with is an understatement. We have worked on different types of projects for various reasons, and throughout our work she never ceased to amaze me with her creativity and professionalism. Her work always hits the point, on time, and very unique.”
Mohammed Alassaf, Business Development and Marketing Manager FlyIn, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“Whether she’s offering the lowdown on the hippest luggage to set off for the airport with, or delving into the psyche of TV adventurer Bear Grylls, Rowena can always be relied upon to supply fresh, lively, engaging copy. And always on deadline!”
Danielle Green, Editor, Med Life inflight Magazine

“Rowena is everything I could ask for from a freelancer. She has a great, easy-to-read style, her research skills and contact list are second to none, and she never fails to meet her deadlines. Perhaps not so important, but a distinct bonus, is that she’s a really nice person.”
Rachel Southwood, Director and Founder, Giraffe Media

“We have worked with Rowena Carr-Allinson for a numberof years and find her completely focussed, committed and pro-active. She isdefinitely an A-lister in our opinion and we greatly enjoy working with her.”
Sue Lowry, Managing Director, Magellan PR, London

“Rowena was a pleasure to work with from the word go! I was impressed by her extremely flexible and versatile writing styles. I also appreciated the timely and diligent delivery of excellent quality copy (especially given the tight timescales). She grasped the concept of the project immediately and helped us create a very successful online viral creative.”
Fiona Miller, EU RTC Marketing Manager at Yahoo!


 You were a real saving grace to us !!! I LOVE IT !!! To be honest I like all the options you send over. I have read your release out loud to the office and we are all sitting here with goose bumps … Wow… !!! It’s really good You are a bit of a miracle…
Thank you for doing that so quickly
Beatrice Savoretti, Head of PR, Jasmine Di Milo